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20 January 2015: Visa Application Centre closure

Australia Visa Application Center in Nepal will be closed on 20 January 2015 due to General Strike.

24 December 2014: Countries currently listed as Ebola Virus Disease affected countries?

For further information on Ebola Virus Disease affected Countries, please visit below link post 24 December 2014.
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19 December 2014: New Visa Application Charge from 1 January 2015

Australian Visa Applicants should please note that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection reviews its Visa Application Charges (VAC), and the exchange rates it uses to price those Visa Application Centres in foreign currencies, for release on the 1 January 2015.

The new prices in AUD (or foreign currencies) cannot be released prior to 1 January 2015. However, as prices may change it is recommended that you make arrangements accordingly to verify the applicable Visa Application Centre before lodging an application on or after 1 January 2015.

New prices will be available on the department’s website on 1 January 2015.

If you are lodging applications before 1 January 2015, the current prices apply. From 1 January 2015, the new prices will apply.

Note: VFS Global and the Australian High Commission in New Delhi can only accept the correct and exact application fee.

Fee Change Scenarios:

Reduction in Visa Fee: VFS Global cannot accept demand drafts for an amount that is higher than the current Visa Application Centre; in such cases, please obtain a new demand draft.

Increase in Visa Fee: If you have prepared drafts at the old lower Visa Application Centre, VFS Global will be able to accept an additional demand draft for the difference in the fee.

Note: We cannot accept a payment in cash for the difference.

Postal/couriered applications – Please avoid sending any application by post close to the change-over date to ensure your application is received with the correct Visa Application Centre. The Visa Application Centre that applies is the relevant applicable Visa Application Centre on the date the Australia High Commission receives the application, not the date you send it. The Australian High Commission receives applications lodged with VFS Global 1-2 business days after it is received by VFS Global.
27 November 2014 – Acceptance of Citizenship By Descent Applications

Please be informed that, with effect from 1 December 2014 Applicant can apply for Citizenship By Descent application through Australia Visa Application Center’s across India and Nepal.

For further information on Citizenship By Descent applications, please visit below link post 1 December 2014.
24 November 2014 – Application Movement during SAARC Summit

Please be informed that, there will be no courier dispatch in Nepal during the SAARC summit being held from 25 - 28 November 2014 due to VVIP movement and security measures taken at Kathmandu Airport.

The processed application received from the High Commission from 24 November 2014 till 26 November 2014 will be hold at New Delhi and same will be dispatched to Kathmandu on 27 November 2014.

Similarly the applications received at Nepal Center from 24 November 2014 till 27 November 2014 will be hold in Kathmandu center and will be dispatched to New Delhi on 28 November 2014.
14 October 2014 – Mumbai and Pune Visa Application Center Closure

Dear Applicants/Representatives/Travel Agents

Please be informed that Australia Visa Application Center at Mumbai and Pune will be closed on 15 October 2014 due to General Assembly Elections.
26 September 2014-Travelling for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?

Click here Click here to find out about the new Trans-Tasman visa arrangement.
5 September 2014 – Early closure of VISA Application Center in Hyderabad.

Dear Applicant/Representatives/ Travel Agents,

Please be informed that Australia Visa Application Center at Hyderabadwill be working till13:00 hrs. on 8 September 2014 due to Ganesh Visarjan.

13 Aug 2014 - Early Cloure of Visa Application Centre in New Delhi.

Dear Applicant/Representatives/ Travel Agents,

Please be informed that Australia Visa Application Center at New Delhi will be closed at 14:00 hrs. on 14 August 2014 due to security measure of Independence day celebrations in New Delhi.

13 Aug 2014: Closure of Australia Visa Application Centre in Hyderabad on 19 August 2014.

Dear Applicant,

Please be informed that Australia Visa Application Center at Hyderabad will remain closed on the 19 August 2014 due to Samagrah Kutumba Survey.
04 Aug 2014: Notice to all Visa Applicants – Acceptable Passport Copies

The Australian High Commission accepts two formats of passport copies:

1. Notarized copies of all pages, blank or otherwise; or
2. Copies certified by VFS Global.

The High Commission strongly recommends clients carry their original passports with them when they lodge at VFS Global to avoid any issues: Click here. Unacceptable copies – missing pages or un-certified/un-notarized pages – can lead to adverse visa decisions. There is no obligation on the High Commission to request acceptable copies after lodgment and your application will be delayed.
17 June 2014: VAS Charges with effect from 2 June 2014.

VAS Services Amount Need to be Paid
Country All India Nepal
Photo booth (for 8 passport size photograph) INR 150 NPR 248 (for 4 passport size photograph)
Photocopy INR 3.00 NPR 5.00
Return Courier (per passport/envelope) INR 300 INR 300
SMS (per application) INR 90 NPR 250
Bank Surcharge (per applicant) INR 70 NA
Translation Services NA NA
ETA Assisted Terminal (per application) INR 185 NPR 292 per application
Assisted Form  filling service(per application) INR 185 NPR 292 per application
Document scanning and email (per page) INR 20 NPR 32
Witness Document INR 10 per page NPR 80 per application
2 way Courier/drop off courier INR 600 NA
2 June 2014: New Visa Application Centre – Jalandhar and Pune

Dear Applicants / Travel Agents / Representatives

Please be informed that we are opening new VFS Global Australia Visa Application centers in Jalandhar and Pune and will be functional at the below mentioned address with effect from 16 June 2014

Location: Jalandhar

Australia Visa Application Centre
Aman Plaza, 3rd Floor,
310 Lajpat Nagar, Mahavir Marg,
Jalandhar -144001

Location: Pune
Australia Visa Application Centre
Shorab Hall, Office no 501
5th Floor, Tadiwala Road,
Behind Pune Railway Station
Pune- 411101
31 May 2014: Australia visa application centres in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Kathmandu are relocating to new premises from 02 June 2014.
20 May 2014: Visa Application Centre Relocation

Dear Applicants / Travel Agents / Representatives
Please note that the following VFS Global Australia Visa Application Centers are relocating to a new premise and will be functional at the below mentioned address with effect from 2 June 2014

Location : Bangalore
Australia Visa Application Center
Block Numbers 301, 302, 303, 304
2nd Floor, Prestige Atrium, No 1,
Central Street, Bangalore - 560001

Location:  Hyderabad
Australia Visa Application Center
Ashoka Capitol, 2nd Floor,
Unit no. 206, Banjara Hills,
Road no. 2, Hyderabad.

Location:  Chandigarh
Australia Visa Application Center 
Unit no. B 209, Second Floor,
Office Block B, Plot no. 178- 178A,
Industrial and Business Park,
Phase - I, Chandigarh (U T) 160002

Location: Ahmedabad
Australia Visa Application Center
Gujarat Chambers Building,
Shri Ambika Mills, Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad – 380009

Location: Kathmandu
Australia Visa Application Center
Four Square building, 4 Floor,
Near to Police Head Quarter Ward no.1,
Bhupi Marga, Narayan Chawor,
Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal

LocationMumbai South
Australia Visa Application Centre
Raheja Centre, Ground Floor,
Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
3 April 2014: Chennai Visa Application Centre Relocation

Dear Applicants / Travel Agents / Representatives
Please note that the VFS Global Australia Visa Application Centre is relocating to a new premise and will be functional at the below mentioned address with effect from 21 April 2014.

Address: Fagun Towers, Second Floor,
No 74,Ethiraj Salai, Egmore,
Chennai - 600 008
Land Mark: Ethiraj College
31 March 2014 : email account holders

Please be informed due to technical and security reasons, the DIBP are unable to receive or send emails to email accounts.
Click here for more details.
13 November 2013: Document order for Migration applications
Applicants are requested to follow the below document order in case of Prospective Marriage and Partner Migration category:

Cover letter of agent or client.
All Evidences docs of applicant ( job experience of applicant, copy of e-mail, copy of phone call details etc
Evidence of contact documents (copy of phone details, e-mail, etc)
Copy of other certificates such as birth certificate/baptism certificate/police clearance certificates
Copy of Marriage Certificate
Statutory Declaration from friends and relatives/form 888
History of Relationship of applicant and sponsor
Birth certificate/citizenship of Sponsor
Copy of Passport of applicants and sponsor
Form 1221 (additional particulars form) and other DIAC forms such as Form 80
Form 956 (declaration of authorized recipient)
Form 40SP (application form)
Form 47SP (sponsorship form, attach copy of fee receipt)
13 November 2013: Change of locations for Postal Application

Applicants applying for Australia Visa can send the visa applications directly through post/courier at the mentioned VFS Global Australia Visa Application Centres in India except for New Delhi centre. Kindly refer the below Postal Application link for the applicable VFS Global centers addresses.
1 July 2013: Single Demand draft for Visa fee Payment

Visa application charge would be accepted through single demand draft only.
New Visa Application Charges

What is the visa application charge?
The visa application charge is the amount of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid for a visa application, unless there is an exemption. The visa application charge might be broken into installments, with one part payable at the time of application, and another before grant.
Depending on your circumstances, there will be different types of charges included in the total visa application charge amount that is payable at the time of lodging a visa application. The new charges that apply from 1 July 2013 will introduce charges for additional applicants in a combined application, subsequent temporary applications applied for in Australia and a single charge for certain visa applications that are not lodged through our online service.

What are the new visa application charges applicable from 1 July 2013?
From 1 July 2013 a number of components might make up the total first installment visa application charge.
First installment
To make a valid visa application after 1 July 2013, the following components might apply :
the base application charge
an additional applicant charge
a non-internet application charge
a subsequent temporary application charge.

The first installment of the visa application charge is the total of all of the components that must be paid for your visa application.
Second installment
In addition, for some visas you might also have to pay a further visa application charge. This can be paid after you have made your application but before the visa can be granted. This second installment will not be required if your application is refused.

What is the base application charge?
Every visa application will have a base application charge, unless there is an exemption or in the case of the base application charge is nil. If an application includes more than one applicant, known as a combined application, then the base application charge will only be paid by the main applicant.

What is the additional applicant charge?
The additional applicant charge will be paid for each additional visa applicant when there is more than one visa applicant in a combined visa application, unless there is an exemption. The amount of the additional applicant charge will depend on the visa type and the age of the applicant.
Not all visas will allow additional applicants to be included with or added to the visa application.
The additional applicant charge will only be for people who are applying for the visa with you. Some visa applications will ask you to list everyone in your family unit, even if they are not migrating with you. You will not have to pay the additional charge for non-migrating family members.
The charge will not be paid for newborns that are born after you lodge you application but before we have made a decision on the application. If you have a newborn we will advise you to contact us.

What is the non-Internet application charge?
The non-internet application charge will be paid once even if there is more than one applicant in a visa application. This charge will need to be paid if you could lodge your visa application online through our eVisa service, but:
you choose to apply using a paper form and lodge it by post, courier, fax, email, or in person. This includes lodging at Service Delivery Partners (SDPs) outside Australia,
you choose apply for a Resident Return visa application by telephone or in person. You should check on 1 July 2013 to find out if this charge must be paid if you do not lodge your visa application through our website.

Subsequent temporary application charge
A subsequent temporary application charge is a charge that you might need to pay when you lodge a visa application for certain temporary visas when you are in Australia. This charge will apply to the first visa that is granted when you are in Australia. This charge will be paid by each person in an application and is based on your individual temporary visa history. This charge will be paid in addition to any other visa charges that apply to your visa application at the time of lodgement. You should check Click here on 1 July 2013 to find out if this charge will need to be paid when you lodge your visa application.
This charge will not need to be paid for:
bridging visa applications, criminal justice visas or enforcement visas or
permanent visa applications.

How will changes to visa application charge affect my application?
The cost of the first installment of the visa application charge is dependent on when the application is received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. If you lodge and pay the total first installment charge for your visa application and it is received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship before 1 July 2013, then these new charges will not apply to your application.
If the visa application charge or foreign currency rate changes in the time it takes for your application to be received by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, you might have to pay any difference in charges.
Examples of when you might need to pay a difference in charge include:
you pay for your visa application in Australia before 1 July and lodge your application with an Australian Mission outside Australia on or after 1 July
you send your visa application with the visa application charge before 1 July, but we do not receive your application until on or after 1 July
you send your visa application charge in a foreign currency with your visa application to an Australian Mission outside Australia before 1 July, but we do not receive your application until on or after 1 July.

What happens if I have not paid the correct amount?
Your visa application is not valid until the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship receive the total first instalment of the visa application charge. If less than the correct total amount is paid, we cannot commence the processing of your visa application until the correct amount is received.
We might contact you regarding outstanding amounts that need to be paid or we might return your application to you and you will need to lodge your application again with the correct amount.
Important: If you pay by credit card, you must have enough funds to pay the total amount of your visa application charge for the transaction to be successful.

Further information
If you are paying by credit card in Australian dollars you might be charged banking and currency conversion fees. These fees are separate to the fees and charges you need to pay us. Information on visa application charges including how to pay and the amounts payable in a foreign currency, can be obtained from any of our offices or can be found on our website
Click here
Click here
department’s offices (Click here)

Frequently Asked Questions
20 March 2013: Important Notice for Visitor and Business Visitor applicants

As per Instructions given by The Australian High Commission, Australia visa application centre in Cochin and Katmandu will not accept application lodged under subclass 676, 456, 675 and 685 with effect from 20 March 2013.

Australia Visa application centers in the below mentioned cities will not accept applications lodged under subclass 676,456,675,685 with effect from 21 March 2013 Delhi,Chandigarh,Mumbai,Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Ahemadabad,Kolkata

Applicants planning to lodge an application for tourism ,business visit or a short period of specialized work are advised to obtain the new application forms and lodge a valid application on Monday, 25 March 2013.

For Further information regarding the new subclasses and new application forms please visit the link :-
08 January 2013 - Change in Travel Agent/Consultants/Representatives from Shipping Companies submission timings for Australia Visa Application centers across India w.e.f Monday, 14 January 2013 Please note the change in Travel Agent/Consultants submission timings, for new timings please click on the link
01 October 2012 :Implementation of Label Free Visa Processing
  Applicants will no longer require submitting the original passport along with the Visa application with the introduction of Label free Visa regime.

See: Click here
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